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10 Years Of Experience

Complex concepts often need simple keys. In a technologically-powered world, making sense of complexities and delivering value by slicing Gordian knots is what gives the cutting edge to businesses. Perceptive Engagement, Accelerated Decision making and Prolific Innovation are the lifelines to success and continued customer trust.

  • Absolute Reliability, Technology and Domain expertise.
  • Seamless Integration and Reliable support.

We are a leader in Smart Automation for Homes, Enterprises, Industries, Senior Living, Energy Efficiency and Building Management Systems (BMS)

Our award-winning solutions deliver on important aspects of Safety, Security, Comfort, Convenience, Energy Efficiency and Operating Efficiency that are important in these segments. Google Home & Amazon Alexa voice control are also offered by us. We are pioneers in offering solutions with wireless, wired or hybrid connectivity to suit new construction and existing spaces with the best range, reliability, economy and with the least disruption to the customers during deployment.
Our products are Designed, Developed & Made in India. Our solutions offer the broadest set of offering that are competitively positioned relative to global brands.
solutions to multiple companies from startups to enterprises on custom business applications, ERP implementations, cloud, AI, data analytics & e-commerce. With over 8 years of experience in helping clients through their technology journey. With “Results by Technology”, we steer continuous improvement through building and transferring technology skills and expertise.
works with most major industries including finance, tourism, media, healthcare, retail, telecom and others. With a business philosophy of providing smart technology solutions that enable new possibilities & drives results, we serve our technical expertise to create sustainable solutions for businesses.

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We Live in the Era of Big Data

Industrial Application development helps CEOs, marketers, managers and others collect and process the amazing amount of data an organization creates. At no time in history has it been easier to collect, process, and, report on data almost as it’s happening.

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Service We Provide

Expand your knowledge base and build upon your growth strategies.

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Technical Consultancy

As automated machines and robotics segue into the manufacturing process by performing repetitive procedures, innovations are being made to optimize their presence in the industry.

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Industries Automation

Since the turn of the century, the global recession has affected most businesses, including industrial automation. After four years of the new millennium, here are my views on the directions in which the automation industry is moving.

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Home Automation

Home Automation, often referred to as “Smart Home Technology”, is the use of technology to automate your home. Home automation allows you to control almost every aspect of your home through the Internet of Things (IoT).

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